masseria savaBoth emblematic and atypical, this masseria shows almost all architectonic elements of rural mansions of the 17th century. It is of special interest for bringing together a complex system of agricultural structures with an impressive main house and the nearby servants’ quarters. Its exteriors combine a rather elaborated defensive work with rich constructive ornaments. Another of its peculiarities is the “neviera”, a subterranean structure, or cold store, that would actually hold snow or ice in order to allow the prolonged storage of perishable foods. The masseria is harmoniously embedded in the calcareous terrain of its natural surroundings. Although it is generally possible to visit its interiors, tours have to be arranged beforehand with the proprietor.



This smaller masseria from the 16th century is situated alongside the country road to Acquaviva delle Fonti. It shows beautiful architectonic details and is conjointly administrated by the city of Santeramo and a private investor.




MASSERIA VIGLIONEMasseria Viglione can be found at the juncture of the provincial areas of Bari, Taranto and Matera. It was built in the 17th century and is in the hand of Ferdinando Caracciolo, the family’s heir. The main facade aligns with the ancient Via Appia and reveals small defensive turrets. The masseria further features a small courtyard and a chapel dedicated to Saint John. The living quarters of the first floor can be reached over a small exterior staircase.